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Instructions for Revised Paper Submission

(For the papers rendered with decision: ‘Major Revision’ or ‘Minor Revision’)

Rolling acceptance Phase 4 - results December 04, 2023

1. The authors can see the review comments in Microsoft CMT. Please go through the review comments carefully, and prepare a separate detailed ‘Author Compliance’ using the template given:  Click here to download the Authors' Compliance Template. Please avoid loose compliance sentences like ... "corrections has been done"'. Please be as specific as possible while addressing the review comments. 

2. Please mark the changes in the revised manuscript as per the review comments with a different color (blue) so that these can be easily identified in the revised manuscript.

3. The allowed limit of overall similarity is 25% (excluding reference/bibliography), with maximum of 7% with a single paper. The authors can download the similarity check report (Plagiarism Check) of their papers from the Microsoft CMT portal. Please ensure that the level of similarity is below the allowable limits specified. Otherwise, the papers may be rejected even after complying with the review comments.

4. If the manuscript does not match with the IEEE Conference template, the PDFeXpress check may fail afterwards while preparing the camera-ready manuscript. Please prepare the revision strictly adhering to the IEEE Template for conference publications. Please download the template from the link: 

5. When the revised manuscript and Authors' Compliance are ready, please convert them to PDF and combine them in a single PDF (revised manuscript first, followed by Author’s Compliance). The file must be named as “CIEC24_xxx”, where ‘xxx’ refer to the submission ID. For example, if the submission/paper ID is 19, the name of the file will be “CIEC24_019”.

6. This single PDF file should be uploaded to replace the original (initial) submission in the Microsoft CMT portal.

7. Please submit the combined document within the due date as mentioned beside the paper ID mentioned in the List of Provisionally Accepted Papers. [Major Revision: Dec. 10, Minor Revision: Dec. 07, 2023.]

8. The revised manuscript should contain all author names and their affiliations as per IEEE template specifications.

Next course of action (Fourth phase review results)

1. All the revisions will be evaluated by experts whether the review comments are properly addressed in Authors’ Compliance and revised manuscript. 

2. A lsit of final decsision for Phase 4 will be published on conference website.

3. This list will also contain the Date of Registration deadline against each ‘finally accepted’ papers. Authors of accepted papers are requesetd to register within the due date to enable us to maintain the timeline of activities. 

4. At least one author of each paper with ‘Final Acceptance’ needs to transfer the registration fees and submit a handwritten filled Registration Form.

Timeline of Activities for Phase 4 Rolling Acceptance Results published on Dec. 04, 2023

For papers directly accepted, the registration deadline is 08/12/2023.

General Instructions for initial Paper Submission:

The paper submission process is closed.

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