Call for Papers

The range of technical topics includes but is not limited to:

Linear and nonlinear control theory;

Adaptive control;

Robust control;

Network control;

Intelligent control;

Application of Control in robotics;

Power systems control;


SMART sensors, real time measurement systems;

Image Processing and Vision Based Measurement;

Sensor modeling and soft sensors;

Instrumentation and Measurement in Medical, Biomedical and Healthcare Systems;

Instrumentation and Measurement for various industry applications;

Instrumentation and Measurement for industry 4.0;

Optical Instrumentation;

Optical Measurement.


Energy conversion and energy management;

Power electronics and drives;

Energy system-Smart grids, FACTS, Advanced metering; 

Power Quality;

Power system stability, protection, and deregulation;

Renewable energy systems;

Demand side management;

Condition monitoring of electrical equipment.


Communication in Smart Grid;

IoT based Monitoring applications;

SCADA systems; Wide area networking;

Wireless sensor network applications for monitoring and control;

Communications for smart transportation;

Optical communication systems.

Internet-of-Things and cyber-physical Systems;

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Smart Vehicles;

Big Data Analytics;

Understanding Complex Networks;

Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems;

Deep Learning and Engineering Applications; 

Global Optimization, Meta-heuristics, and Their Applications.